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The ACR NEO 3C, house warming selbyThe ACR NEO 3C

The Neo 3C is everything you would expect from a full featured contemporary stove but has the benefit of DEFRA approval allowing you to burn wood in smoke controlled areas.  An optional multifuel grate enables you to burn smokeless fuel too to give you versatility when it comes to fuel type. 

The NEO 3C has a glazed front door and both sides are glazed too giving a superb view of the fire. 

The NEO 3C has the benefit of a convenient storage cupboard beneath which is handy for storing kindling and logs. 

As with all NEO stoves in the range, the ashpan slides towards you to enable the lid to be fitted and then lift the ashpan out and carry outside safe in the knowledge the ashes are safely contained and won't blow about in the wind. 


Height - 1040mm

Width - 490mm

Depth - 390mm

Output - 5Kw

Efficiency - 81%

Temperature - less than 100 degrees on the hearth

Weight - 125Kg

Diameter - 125mm

Stove Fuel Choices

Wood or Multifuel

The Highlander 5 Stove

The Highlander 5 Stove, housewarming selbyMulti-fuel and woodburning stove

The Highlander 5 Woodburning Multifuel stovehas been developed to increase the choice of the householder, using the same superb burning technology as the Highlander 7. Same air wash system, same shaker system only slightly smaller, but can still take logs up to 280mm long, same range of sustainable fuel, same metallic black finish, solid brass handles as standard, with black handles available on request.

The Highlander 5 differs from the Highlander 7 as follows - the overall size is smaller, this has enabled the design of the door to be altered, so that on the Highlander 5 there is only one door to open for re-fuelling and removing ashes. This also means that the safety precaution to prevent overfiring is automatically provided for.

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