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The TermaTech TT20 Range

The TermaTech TT20 RangeA newly developed range of stoves combining the best operational comfort, with high product quality and sleek Scandinavian design.

The TT20 range has been designed to be a real ‘people’s stove’, with its solid construction and well-engineered design; one of the best on the market when combining quality and price.


  • Flexible Design - Choose from straight or rounded steel sides.
  • Practical Ash Drawer - Large and easily accessible with a lid to reduce mess.The bottom and door frame are cast iron increasing the life span and stability of the door.
  • Cool Handle - The ventilated handle is positioned to always be cool to the touch to avoid burning your fingers.
  • Deep Combustion Chamber - Ensures evenly centred flames whilst also minimising the risk of embers and ash falling out.
  • Easy To Operate - A discretely placed air regulator controls the air for combustion. Fresh air can be directly connected (necessary in new build or renovated homes.)


Hunter ASPECT 4

ASPECT 4The Aspect range features a large window so you can view the beauty of the flames in your stove.

Combining looks, controllability and a very high efficiency, the Aspect 4 is the prefect addition to any home.

This stove is DEFRA approved and with a heat output of 4.9kW, no air brick is required.

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